Salon Tips You Need to Know for a Lucrative Summer


It’s that time of year again, with many clients complaining of distressed summer hair. However, it can be a very lucrative time for salon professionals if you play your cards right.
Summer is a great time to encourage clients to commit to a "real" haircut - not just a little trim. There’s no better time for a client to go shorter, giving them plenty of time to grow their hair for the fall. Add-ons to this service could include custom-conditioning treatments. For example, use Redken’s Chemistry System for optimal client customization.
Guests tend to cleanse their hair more often in the summer because they sweat or might be swimming a lot. Recommend they buy salon products to ensure their hair stays in great condition, including a light sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Color-treated guests should use a color-save shampoo, containing a UV protector and SPF.
Every time we wash our hair, we are removing all of the dirt and debris, but also our much-needed natural oils as well. Those natural oils need to be replaced with products like the Redken Clear Moister Line or PUREOLOGY Hydrate Line.
Tell clients to avoid using hot tools like hairdryers, hair straighteners and curling irons during the summer months and explain the benefits of letting their hair air-dry with the right products instead. Advise clients to use oils that are rich with vitamin E, such as Redken Diamond Oil, that actually penetrates the hair fiber.  
Impress your clients with general tips too. For example, remind them of the importance of drinking lots of water. A helpful hint is to add some aloe vera juice to water – it’s amazing for hair, skin and nails!

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