Just for Fun


I recently visited Tomi Ilic at The Butterfly Loft in Encino, CA, to get my son a trim. Tomi was good enough to give him his first haircut; this was his second. I don't know what it is, but I have a really hard time getting my son's hair cut. It looks way better afterward, but still. Something in me resists. So, in three years, James has only had his hair cut twice. Perhaps it's knowing that he's growing up? Or that I'm afraid that his beautiful copper-red hair will not come back? Or maybe his curls will dissappear? Maybe I'm just a tad afraid of change. In any case, hair is vitally important to our sense of self--even for moms. Anyway, just wanted to share some fun pics of James helping to clean up the spoils of his haircut. He loves cleaning up (yes, lucky me!). Enjoy!

Salon Clean 1a

Salon Clean 2a

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