TikTok’s Top 7 Trending Fall/Winter Hairstyles

Curtain bangs
Curtain bangs by @stylist___peteryan via Instagram
courtesy of Hakob Peteryan

Clients are ready to fall into the autumn/winter season with the most trending hair looks, seeking out hair inspo on TikTok.

Check out the top trending autumn/winter hairstyles on TikTok:

  • #curtainbangs - 1.9B views

Curtain bangsCurtain bangs by @stylist___peteryan via Instagramcourtesy of Hakob Peteryan

Curtain bangs are very trendy right now. This type of haircut is ideal for making one's cheekbones stand out, because the bangs break the face up at the width of the cheeks, allowing for the area to be beautifully defined.

They are very low maintenance and only need to be trimmed every five to six weeks to keep them in shape. 

  • #layeredhaircut - 219.1M views 

Layered cutLayered cut by @dreamhairbycelaa via Instagramcourtesy of Marcela Hernandez

This type of hair cut accentuates the hair in the best way possible. Layered cuts trend annually because people tend to wear their hair down during this time of year.

  • #sleekbuntutorial - 29.0m views 

Sleek bunSleek bun by @styledbysadiemay via Instagramcourtesy of Sadie

The sleek bun offers a clean and poised look, perfect for business meetings or a night out. This swept-back bun can be positioned between a low bun or a topknot, with no ends loose.

  • #butterflyhairstyle - 10.1M views 

Butterfly cutButterfly cut by @hair_by_dall via Instagramcourtesy of Dallas Wagner

The butterfly cut is a feathery haircut that allows the longest layers of the hair to fall below the shoulder. This hairstyle can be adapted to almost all hair textures.

  • #messyponytail - 5.1m views 

Messy ponyMessy pony by @morganhairco via Instagramcourtesy of Josie Morgan

The messy ponytail has been around for ages, and contrary to popular belief, crafting this look involves following a step-by-step process. Prep the hair with dry shampoo before backcombing the roots, and then tease out the mid-lengths of the hair to create that ponytail. 

  • #faceframinghaircut - 151.8k views 

Face-framing cutFace-framing cut by @hairwithmaria via Instagramcourtesy of Maria

Face-framing layers cut around the face create strands of different lengths to showcase certain parts of the face. Discuss what the most flattering length of your client's face is, and create the look from there. 

  • #themodernrachelhaircut - 2888 views

Modern RachelModern Rachel by @citizen.rae via Instagramcourtesy of Rae

Despite the hit sitcom "Friends" coming to a close in 2004, Rachel Green's iconic hairstyle still lives on. The (modern) Rachel haircut is a shoulder-length chop that is bursting with volume, bounce and layers.

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