How to Achieve the Perfect Blonde Curls, According to an Expert

Photo credit: Anna Komarov
Photo credit: Anna Komarov

From selecting the right blonde tones to impeccably styling the client’s natural texture, a lot goes into creating bouncy blonde locks. 

Sam Villa ambassador Lindsey Olson shares tips and tricks for flawless-looking blonde curls.

“Having dimension in blonde hair allows texture to pop because the lighter parts have a darker background for contrast. It’s especially important to have that dimension at the base; curls should always have a deeper base color to stand out,” she states.

How to achieve dimensional blonde curls:

  1. Section hair while working with Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips for control.
  2. Dry hair with a Sam Villa Vision Blow Dryer and ceramic round brush; blow dry Redken Full Frame 07 into dry hair for volume.
  3. Use a 3/4" Marcel iron and spiral tong hair with Redken Iron Shape 11 to set the style.
  4. Break set up with hands.
  5. Use a diffuser to create volume and a lived-in feelallow the diffuser to do the work, and keep hands out of the hair.

Styling tip: When working with thermal tools, remember that blondes show everything, so bevel or round the section upon contact to prevent iron marks. 


Hair - Lindsey Olson; Photo - Anna Komarov; Model - Kelsi Kuhn; Make up - Emily Wolf; Wardrobe - Nicole Heraty 

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