Runway Report: Everyday Women at Tibi

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When speaking with NYFW backstage hairstylists, they often agree on one truth: Simple-looking styles are often the hardest to execute. At Tibi, Aveda hair lead Frank Rizzieri lays it all out there: “‘Nothing’ hair is hard,” he states. But that's what he has been directed to do, though the inspiration for the collection is decidedly more stylized. "The inspiration is Melanie Griffith from the movie Working Girl,” he admits. "But we want more undone hair; we don't want to tot be too period, because then it would look too ’80s.” Instead, he addresses each girl’s individual hair with the aim of making it look its absolute best. First, he dresses hair in Aveda Thickening Tonic from root to tip, and sprays Volumizing Tonic at the top of head to help create a little lift to the hair. After diffusing strands, he runs Damage Remedy Split End Repair over ends to seal them.

With the makeup, an appeal to everyday women comes through as beauty that adapts to the individual woman—not the other way around. Bobbi Brown makeup lead Cassandra Garcia concentrates her focus on glowing skin: Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 plus Skin Foundation SPF 15 applied extremely sheer, followed by Bronzing Powder to gently sculpt the cheeks in place of blush. She finishes the look with a beautifully shaped eye (Bone and Wheat Eye Shadow) and a soft hint of color on the lip (Lip Color in Pale Mauve). “The look is beautifully balanced yet custom to each girl,” she notes, again championing the idea of individualism.

Minimalist nail artist Jin Soon Choi draws from the Tibi collection, which is heavy in menswear details, but decides to go with unexpected bursts of color. “There’s a lot of punches of ’80s-like color in the clothing, so I thought I’d match them with colors from my core line,” she explains. Instead of coating all 10 digits in color, however, Choi paints only the index finger on each hand in one of five colors—JINsoon Pop Orange, Charme, Hope, Cool Blue or Heirloom—while the rest of the digits receive a clear coat of Top Gloss. —Karie L. Frost

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[Images: Karie Frost]

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