[VIDEO] 4 Trending Bridal Looks for Spring/Summer 2024


As weather begins to warm up, we are quickly entering prime time for brides, when clientele will be flocking to their stylist for perfection on their big day. Delivering a style that not only matches their aesthetic but also fits current trending looks is key. So, how do you identify your client's bridal aesthetic? The key is the consultation.

We went to the pro team at BaByliss Pro—Jocelyn Emerson, Jamie Wiley— to identify the top four bridal looks for 2024 and learn not only how to pair them with their perfect client in the consultation, but also find out how to make them come to life.

1. Boho Bride

During the consultation, does your bride use terms such as whimsical, earthy, soft and romantic? Are they wearing a flowy dress? Are they looking for an undone, soft look, perhaps embellished with wildflowers? If so, then you have yourself a boho bride.

In this tutorial, Jocelyn Emerson tells us how to create  a perfectly placed, twisted  bun using the Nano Titanium ConiCurl Iron, sectioned rope twists and a low ponytail.

2. Retro Bride

During your consultation, does your bride describe her dress as vintage with a modern flair. Is she using bold colors and looking for a look that is soft and glamorous. Is she incorporating accents of lace, pearls and feathers? If so, you have a retro bride.

In this tutorial, Jamie Wiley shows us how to create a modern vintage look. She uses the Nano Titanium Dual Ionic Dryer, the 1" Nano Titanium Curling Wand, then blowdrying volumizing mousse and a round brush. She sections, curls and then pins curls to cool, following with a brush out for loose, soft waves.

3. Fairytale Bride

During your consultation, does your bride describe her look as romantic and elegant? Is she wearing a ballgown and excited about the luxurious and lavish details of her wedding? Is she incorporating white and pastel hues into the wedding and looking for an elegant updo to go with a headpiece such as a crown. If so, you have a fairytale bride.  

In this tutorial by Jocelyn Emerson,  a gorgeous updo is created using the Nano Titanium  Dual Ionic Blowdryer, The Nano Titanium  1 1/4 inch Extended Barrel, volumizing mousse,  a flat brush and lots of bobby pins. After curling the hair and securing a high pony, Emerson pins the hair up in a romantic bun, followed by two fishtail braids on either side. 

4. Classic Bride

During your consultation, does your bride describe her look as timeless with a modern flair. Does she often refer to clean lines with few embellishments. Is she going for a classic, elegant look with hair that is swept out of her face. Is she using decor such as roses and pearls? If so, you have a classic bride.

In this tutorial by Jamie Wiley, we see an elegant, low chignon come to life using the Nano Titanium Dual Ionic Blowdryer with Comb Attachment, 1 1/4" Nano Titanium Extended Barrel and bobby pins. Wiley first blowdries and curls the hair, pinning it until it cools. She then secures a low chignon and pins the hair back for an elegant, timeless look.

Consultation Is Key

During your consultation, make sure that you ask a lot of questions about your bride's style and decor and listen to their answers attentively to determine which bridal style and hairstyle is right for them. Asking the questions that these bridal experts recommend, and bring your bride the perfect look for a perfect day.


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