Get the Look: Gina Rodriguez's Romantic Updo

Image: Getty Images/Christopher Polk

At the recent Critics' Choice Awards in Los Angeles, CA, actress Gina Rodriguez paired her tangerine Safiyaa gown with a loose, romantic updo by celebrity stylist Paul Norton. Below, Norton shares his how-to so you can recreate the special-occasion style for your clients.

Get the Look:

  1. "I started by tousling her hair dry using Joico Heat Set until fully dry," says Norton. "Next, I sprayed IronClad in sections from roots to ends to protect against the heat that would soon come from my curling and flat irons.
  2. "Sectioning from ear to ear, I started separating the front from the back, clipping the front away as I worked on the back. Using a 1 1/4-inch curling iron to put a gentle wave in the hair and start to develop the texture, I sprayed the entire back with Joico Hair Shake, then collected it into a what would appeared to be a ponytail in the center of the back of her head but on the 2nd time pulling the hair through the elastic stopping midway through, which created a knot and left the ends out. I wrapped these around the elastic and pinned them with bobby pins; I used more bobby pins to help confine the knot closer to the head. To counter balance the tendrils when you look at her from the front, I left a bit of hair loose at the nape of her neck on the right side. Once done with the back I sprayed it with Joico Power Spray for hold.
  3. "Next I moved on to the front section and used my flat iron at the roots and my curling iron again on the ends to bend back the hair away from the face. I took small sections and connected the front to the back knotted area. Using bobby pins and some hair pins to connect each little section to the knot, I left several tendrils just in the front to give a more free and sexy vibe only on her left side as the right side remained more sleek and allowed her face to be open and fresh.
  4. "I finished the look with more Joico Power Spray for perfect style hold, keeping the look throughout the night while protecting from the humidity."
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