Miami Swim Week: Rock Chic Meets Mad Max at Indah


Indah recently presented its Collage Collection on July 19 at the W South Beach Hotel during Miami Swim Week. The collection, which featured an array of styles from barely-there bikinis in lavish prints, to '70s-inspired plunging necklines, to shimmering sequins and provocative slits, was inspired by the idea of a collage with a strong "'90s minimalist vibe… layered with late '70s punk rock chic," according to designer Libby DeSantis.

To complement the collection, celebrity hairstylist Adrien Flammier of Atelier Emmanuel Salon in San Francisco led the exclusive René Furterer team in creating a seductive take on the classic French braid. "The Collage Collection has evolved into rock chic meets Mad Max," said DeSantis. "The braid is sophisticated but sexy and messy. It emulates the clothes. They are badass, straightforward and sophisticated at the same time." Recreate the intricate braid with Adrien's how-to, below.

Get the Look:
1. Says Adrien, "For a messy French braid, we want a rock-and-roll vibe but not too crazy. To make the look fresh we want volume on top, but without too much teasing. So I started by spraying hair with René Furterer VOLUMEA volumizing conditioning spray - no rinse.
2. "At the crown, I sectioned off a triangle with clips to separate it from the rest of the hair. Below the section I made a small ponytail. This marked the point where the braid would begin. Next, I smoothed René Furterer VEGETAL MOUSSE over the crown area with my hands as a foundation to expand the body of the hair.
3. "Using a blow-dryer with a nozzle attachment and a large round brush, I lifted the roots forward to enhance volume. I then sprayed the hair all over with René Furterer NATURIA dry shampoo, roots to ends, to ensure that the hair looked messy and textured.

4. "Next, I created the French braid by using different-sized sections to make it imperfect. Some were small, some thicker, some were twisted. For the girls who had shorter hair or not a lot of texture, we incorporated several rows of INDIQUE luxury hair extensions before starting the braid.
5. "To create the braid we kept it tight inside and then gently roughed up the surface for a messy effect. Dividing hair into three sections, I took the section from the right, separated out a small piece with my index finger, crossed it over the middle section, and then took a section from the left, separated out a piece with my index finger and crossed it over the middle section.

6. "Once the braid was complete and secured with an elastic band, I rubbed René Furterer MODELING PASTE between the palms of my hands, and with my hands pulled out random pieces of hair from the braid to make it a bit messier and to look even more rock 'n' roll. I also used some hair pins and bobby pins to layer some strands of hair to make it even messier. To give the crown the same effect, I also gently pulled out random pieces or massaged the hair with my fingers or palm to give the hair a fly-away look, and gave it a final blast of René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY."

[Backstage images: Ryan McInerney for Rene Furterer; Runway image: Getty Images]

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