In My Kit: Makup Artist Kathy Jeung

Kathy Jeung Makeup

With more than two decades of perfecting faces under her belt, makeup artist Kathy Jeung has done it all—magazine covers, red carpets, feature films, commercials and, her forté, music videos (she’s been the personal makeup artist to singers Gwen Stefani, P!nk and Rita Ora, after all!). rough each medium, Jeung stays true to her philosophy: Makeup should never look like it wears you. “I hope my style has a certain blended softness to it,” she asserts, adding, “I believe you can have long-wearing makeup without heaviness, in part by using effective products and applying in well blended layers to add dimension as well as staying power. Even with strong or graphic looks, I like to keep a balance to the overall design.” Jeung perfects this balance through a self-critical eye; she’s learned throughout the years that dissection and reflection help elevate her as an artist. “I’m always asking myself how can I improve something, execute something or use something that might work better—if not only for that moment, but for the next time I do a face,” she explains. “For me, there’s always room for improvement, and I love the ongoing challenge of working with different faces, skin types, looks and situations.” Here, Jeung reveals the products she’s discovered along her journey.

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Makeup Products

1. For Squeaky Clean BrushesCinema Secrets Brush Cleaner “I’ve used this formula for decades—it cleans, conditions and disinfects in minutes and leaves behind a wonderful vanilla scent.”

2. For Glitter-Free Radiance: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand “I don’t know how I lived without this before! This highlighter is a step up from using cream sticks and palettes; it has a sheer skinlike quality with zero glitter—just a super highlight with beautiful shine and radiance.”

3. For Locking in Heavier LashesEve Pearl Eyelash Glue “This latex-based adhesive sets up in under a minute and is extremely strong. When applied during its ‘tacky’ time, its staying power is incredible, which is especially necessary for heavier full lashes.”


[Images: Courtesy of Kathy Jeung; manufacturers]

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