Runway Report: Role Reversal at Bibhu Mohapatra

Kiss Products For Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2017 Photo By Luzena Adams12

The David Ives play “Venus in Fur” delves into the reversal of roles between an auditioning actress and an exasperated director, and serves as the inspiration behind designer Bibhu Mohapatra’s Fall/Winter 2017 show. “The director starts out in charge, but the actress eventually becomes the dominant one,” says L’Oréal Professionnel hair lead Amit Abraham. Naturally, a dominant woman is an easy muse for fashion and beauty. How this plays out for hair: Abraham creates 17 different looks, each linked to the individual who wears it. “We’re not manipulating the hair beyond what she lives in,” he says, pointing to a model with a cool mullet. “There is no real how-to to it; the products are all different depending on the girl. Though we are using a lot of water!”

As a special treat, the Israel L’Oréal Professionnel team has flown in to work at NYFW for the first time, and, when posed with the question of what product seems to be the go-to among the 17 separate styles, team members Amir Mizrahi and Avi Fadida both agree: “Beach Waves!”

“The Wild Stylers by Techni.Art Beach Waves works for everyone,” says Fadida. “And if you put too much in, it’s not bad; you can always play with it!”

The nails aren’t as loose and fast as the hair; rather, KISS nail lead Gina Edwards has come up with six different designs, ranging from bejeweled blush tips to white tips boasting black floral prints. The standout design, which Edwards is calling a “Deconstructed Hashtag,” is easy to pull off: “On a white base, paint three or four hashtags using black polish and a striping brush (she used KISS Nail Artist Paints),” she says. “Then, sketch across each hashtag vertically and horizontally with a medium-to-dry brush to get that imperfect feel.” She finishes by placing a tiny bit of holographic confetti from the KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Start Kit on the middle of each hashtag. “Just dip a brush in clear top coat, then dip it into the confetti to pick up and easily lay down the confetti onto the nail,” she offers. —Karie L. Frost

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[[PHOTOS: Courtesy of KISS and Karie L. Frost]]

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