Brow Tips: Help Your Client Get Gorgeous Bold Brows

Image: Model Cara Delevingne shows off the bold brow trend.

The Spring/Summer 2016 runways showcased an array of beauty looks, but bold, thick brows were a common theme across the board. For clients wanting to enhance their natural eyebrows in order to create that full look, Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar shares some tips on how to grow in brows:  

1. Use a growth serum. "It can take up to 6 month to cultivate bangin’ brows and you may need a growth serum to get things started," says Boom Boom. "Boom Boom Brow Job delivers results in 3-4 weeks. And put those tweezers down - just toss them if you can’t be trusted."

Image courtesy of Glow Communications Boom Boom Brow Job

2. Get all hair on the same growth cycle. "This is important because hair grows in three phases – anagen/growth, catagen/resting and telogen/shedding," says Boom Boom. "All hair should be on the same growth cycle so when it’s removed the shape of the eyebrow remains in tact for as long as possible.

3. Shape. According to Boom Boom, "today’s brows are polished but undone, long and full with a straighter arch - come see [me… I'll] hook you up (wink)."

4. Fill in. "Come on, most people fake it. Get a tint or use an angled brush to fill in the holes and define the arch, and even extend the length and width if need be," advises Boom Boom. "Don’t over-think it, just follow the line and fill in the holes; it's that simple." Try Boom Boom Boostier brow powder.

“With growth serums, tints and powders, anyone can get the bold brow look,” adds Boom Boom.

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