Sam Villa InvisiBlend Shear Makes Blending Easy and Comfortable

Sam VillaA common challenge when removing weight from shorter areas like fringe or the neckline is creating lines or short pieces of hair that stick up.

Andrew Carruthers, director of education for Sam Villa, recommends using the Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear, which makes detailing bangs and blending layers or extensions super easy, without a line or stray hair out of place!

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The Sam Villa Signatures Series InvisiBlend Shear is designed with 23 teeth that have very sharp convex edges that allow stylists to slide in any direction without any drag or pull. They extract weight without leaving lines and are ideal for flawless blending and natural-look results. Plus, the dual finger rests allow for reversible cutting positions, making them a comfortable to use.

“These shears are polished on one blade, so only the teeth do the cutting,” Carruthers said.

Watch Carruthers seamlessly cut heavy fringe with the InvisiBlend - due to the design, he is able to get extremely close to the scalp and hairline to remove weight without leaving a line or creating short pop up pieces.

[Image courtesy of Sam Villa]

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