Helen Mirren’s Shimmering Upstyle

CELEBRATE: Helen Mirren’s Shimmering Upstyle
Perfect for: The Charity Ball

The pros say:  “Silver hair can be quite stunning if you have a cool complexion,” says Joico Celebrity Spokesperson George Papanikolas.  “To prevent unwanted yellow tones and keep the tone clear, use a violet-toned shampoo and conditioner.” Adds Joico International Creative Director Damien Carney, “For an instant ‘lift’ draw the hair up and away from the face.  It’s a flattering strategy for women of any age.”

Damien’s How-To:  Shampoo and condition with Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo and Conditioner.  Apply Joico Body Luxe Design Foam to damp strands for extra body and volume. Dry hair with a blow dryer and a large round brush, lifting the hair at the scalp to encourage optimum volume.  Once hair is dry, mist with Design Collection Flexible Hairspray to create “grip.”  Beginning at the crown, lift small sections and gently tease each section at the root to “pad” the style. Tease the entire top section but skip the sides.  Gently smooth over the surface of the hair with a brush or your hands, but be careful not to brush out the teased sections.  Gently secure the hair at the nape.  Roll all the hair to one side and secure with a row of pins, then reverse it, moving it to the other side, and pinning, creating an elegant little pleat in the back.  Mist with Joico K-PAK Protective Hairspray.

Pro tip: If the hair is thick or if you prefer a looser, more “undone” look, backcomb the hair with your fingers instead of a comb or brush.

Image: Ron Galella

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