Sculpt Fabulous Fringe with Simplicity Graft Extensions

Add bangs and fringe faster than ever with Simplicity Graft Extensions.

Adding stunning hair extensions is one thing, but blending and styling them into fringe and layers takes a true artist. Simplicity Graft Hair Extensions make the process easier than ever before. About a quarter of the density of standard Simplicity Extensions, Simplicity Grafts owe their efficacy to revolutionary adhesive technology and scalloped edges, two innovations which make hair graft extensions fasten securely and blend seamlessly from the hairline back to the crown, in turn mimicking gorgeous growth. “These extensions open up so many styling opportunities for you, the artist, and for your client,” attests stylist Vivienne Mackinder, founder of hairdesignertv. After all, each 100% Indian remi hair graft is hand-knotted to offer the option of luxurious lift at the crown or a flattering side sweep. “Simplicity is a miracle-worker for people with thinning hair, for those who want a wow-worthy new look—for anyone really!” Mackinder continues.
Oh-so easy to apply, Simplicity Grafts can be added on her lunch break—one hour of work and she’s got a voluminous new style. Plus, the gentle adhesive fasteners eliminate weaves, clamps and chemicals from extension application, which means a once wince-worthy process is now nothing but pleasant. In other words, she’ll keep coming back again and again for the beautiful bangs and fabulous fringe only the combination of your talent and beautiful Simplicity Hair Grafts can provide.

Before Simplicity Graft Extensions:

After Simplicity Graft Extensions:

Images courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates.  Hair styled by Vivienne Mackinder, founder hairdesignertv.

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