Clairol Refreshed its Brand with Color of Confidence


Today Clairol released their Color of Confidence campaign, which serves as the next step to their Nice’n Easy relaunch and “color fearlessly” tagline. 

Clairol has always been known as a tried and true at-home hair color, but now they’re looking to connect with their customers on a new level with messages of confidence and empowerment that everyone can relate to. This comes on the heels of the relaunch of their iconic Nice’n Easy – the age-old product was completely revamped with innovation and technology never before seen in the at-home color space. Clairol partnered with 100 women across all backgrounds, ages and ethnicities to gauge their overall feelings of self-confidence. Some of their responses included “I haven’t felt confident in years,” “I feel invisible,” or “as I get older I feel unwanted.”

The goal is to smash the age-old views of one-dimensional beauty, and show that every woman can feel incredible – sometimes the smallest change can make a massive impact! To demonstrate this, they had the 100 woman do something SO simple – color their hair with Clairol Nice’n Easy – then they documented the results, which were astounding!

  • 85% of women felt more confident after coloring, and 97% said they checked themselves out more. 81% said they felt beautiful, and 70% said they felt “ready for anything.”
  • The results extended into their professional lives, as well! 77% said they felt they could be more confident at work and 65% said they’d speak confidently in a meeting. One woman was even motivated to ask for a raise – and she got it!

[Image and video courtesy of Clairol]

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