Schwarzkopf Professional Launches IGORA ROYAL Nude Tones


Inspired by the nude trend - as evidenced in everything from Kim Kardashian's Instagram selfies to Christian Louboutin's new line of nude-colored flats - Schwarzkopf Professional has announced the launch of its IGORA ROYAL Nude Tones. With inspiration drawn from fashion's subtle, authentic color trend, IGORA ROYAL Nude Tones allows hairstylists the opportunity to create refreshing, natural-looking "nude" hair colors for their clients, regardless of their natural hair color.

With 6 earthy shades that are elegant, multifaceted and universally flattering, IGORA ROYAL Nude Tones can be used for seamless multi­-tonal color grading, or placing lighter lines along the hairline - perfect for the client who wants a small change, or something more drastic.

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