COVID-19 Update: Malibu C Introduces Hand Sanitizers and Vitamin C with Zinc

With coronavirus infections continuing to rise, many people are looking for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. Malibu C Professional has proven itself to be a leader when it comes to helping stylists and their loved ones stay healthy and safe. 

Cur8 Group Shot 2Recently, the brand introduced Cur8 Hand Sanitizer, which went from conception to distribution in less than a week, says Tom Porter, president and founder of Malibu C. It features 68% ethyl alcohol, vitamin E, aloe, a food-grade antiseptic and glycerin, plus a food-grade moisturizer in the thickening agent with an organic compound to adjust the pH for stability. Porter says that now, as well as when salons reopen for business, it is a good idea for people to not only wash their hands regularly, but also use a hand sanitizer. “Soap washes off germs, but hand sanitizers kill germs,” he explains. “Hand soap uses surfactants to help remove the lipids of the envelope surrounding germs and the dirt/debris on the surface of the skin, where germs attach. But hand sanitizer kills germs faster and with more predictability. The alcohol in hand sanitizers acts like a poison to the germs.” Salon pros can purchase Cur8 at wholesale prices by visiting and click on PROFESSIONALS in the top right corner to register.

C Shaker With TubNot content to stop there, Malibu C is also introducing C Shaker Vitamin C with Zinc, which is 90% ascorbic acid and 10% zinc. Vitamin C and zinc have become a topic of discussion as potential defense against the virus. Doctors are recommending staff and patients to use vitamin C and zinc to help boost their immune system, Porter says, but adds that the benefits go beyond just being used as an immune-boosting supplement:

Water De-Chlorination
Officials have been encouraging people to stop going to the store to buy bottled water and use tap water to drink instead. “The use of tap water is wise but it comes with a different concern,” says Porter. “Many understand that oxidizers such as chlorine and chloramines are used to treat the water but is not desirable to drink. Even though the EPA regards these harsh chemicals safe at low levels, many communities’ treatment facilities use relatively high levels, which cause concern to many people who consider this not to be a wellness approach to drinking the recommended amount of water each day.” Therefore, simply by dispensing one shake of C Shaker per eight ounces of drinking water will immediately neutralize chlorine or chloramines, making tap water safer and better tasting while saving hundreds of dollars as compared to purchasing bottled water.

Bath Crystals
Tap water can also trigger oxidative stress and skin irritation when one takes a bath at home due to the water’s chlorine, chloramines and bromine. To avoid these oxidizers affecting sensitive skin, a few shakes of C Shaker can neutralize the oxidizers while providing therapeutic benefits as a result of exposure to pure, pharmaceutical grade vitamin C and zinc.   

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Food Preparation
Banana, avocados and apples are just a few of the fruits that can begin spoiling as soon as their skins are removed because of oxidization. But when C Shaker is sprinkled directly onto any fruit before storing or placing the fruit into water before soaking, the fruit will maintain its healthy appearance, making a significant difference in preparation and presentation. Likewise, adding C Shaker to raw or vegetables about to be soaked in water prior to cooking will not only maintain their fresh appearance but remove the oxidizers such as chlorine from the water use to soak or cook the vegetables. 
As amazing as barbecued meats taste, this type of cooking can create known carcinogens. Sprinkling C Shaker delivers protection while providing additional zinc already found in beef, pork and other popular meat. Don’t be surprised to see that beef comes off the grill with a burgundy color instead of the oxidized brown coloring typical without the use of these important supplements to food.

Skincare Enhancement
By sprinkling a small amount of C Shaker into the palm of your hand followed by one of our skincare moisturizers, you create the freshest activated vitamin C skincare available. You can also enhance your hair care by adding a sprinkle of C Shaker to your shampoo or conditioner.


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