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Session artists need love too. For those working on set or in small spaces, managing a variety of different tools can be a challenge. That's where GERmanikure comes in. Utilizing high-quality leather and an innovative customizable design, GERmanikure’s new Session Belt System is a must-have for every beauty professional. The comfortable yet stylish belt is versatile for manicurists, makeup artists and hairstylists who work on location in tight spaces where a conventional setup isn’t always possible.

“It’s frustrating to lose tools on set or try to hold them in your free hand while working, but it has happened to all of us,” explains Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff, brand spokesperson and celebrity manicurist. “GERmanikure’s Session Belt System is comfortable to wear and allows beauty professionals to have their tools with them at all times. The components don’t bunch up, regardless if you are standing, kneeling or sitting, and the end look is quite fashionable.”


Created by professionals for other professionals, the Session Belt System is available in two sets: 

The Large Session Belt System 

  • Large 8x8x3 inch pouch with four back pockets for nail polish remover bottle, disinfectant, hand lotion or phone; three medium two-loop pocked for long implements; individual tool compartments in front; and a side loop for a foot rasp or hand towel.
  • Clip-on nail polish pouch with compartments for 4 nail polish bottles  
  • ​Belt (available in 115cm, 125cm, 145cm)

The Small Session Belt System

  • Small 5.5x6.5x1 inch pouch features three compartments with four implement loops; individual nail nipper and clipper compartments in front.
  • Clip-on nail polish pouch with compartments for 4 nail polish bottles 
  • Large bottle pouch
  • Belt (available in 115cm, 125cm, 145cm)

Both Session Belt System Sets are available with or without essential nail tools, including large clipper, coil spring cuticle nippers, crystal glass stick and a crystal glass nail file. Each component can also be purchased separately. 

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