Meet Quia Querisma: Beauty Launchpad 30 Over 30 Winner for 2024

Get to know Quia Querisma (@quialoves_hair). She is a curly hair artist and colorist at Querisma Beauty Studio in Dallas, TX.
Get to know Quia Querisma (@quialoves_hair). She is a curly hair artist and colorist at Querisma Beauty Studio in Dallas, TX.
Courtesy of Quia Querisma

We are spotlighting the winners of Beauty Launchpad’s 30 Over 30 contest, sponsored by Denman Brush.

Get to know Quia Querisma (@quialoves_hair). She is a curly hair artist and colorist at Querisma Beauty Studio in Dallas, TX.


Beauty Launchpad (BLP): What is a fun fact about you? 

Quia Querisma (QQ): This is my second career! I worked in corporate marketing until 2018. 

BLP: How did you get your start in the industry? 

QQ: Around 2014, I became disillusioned with working in corporate America. I tried for four years to find a job that resonated with me, but I couldn’t, so I decided to enroll in cosmetology school. The timing was right. My kids were in college, and I had fewer responsibilities. I also wanted to do the cosmetology program in high school, but I couldn’t at the time. 

BLP: What is your proudest achievement in the industry thus far? 

QQ: I was part of an ad campaign for Bed Head by TIGI in 2023 and got to work with some talented and fun people. 

BLP: What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself just starting out in the industry, looking back on your whole career? 

QQ: I’m only 5 years in, so I’m still a relatively new hairdresser. I am grateful that I had the benefit of life experience on my side, so I could avoid a lot of newbie mistakes. The best advice I can give young beauty pros is to get a solid business coach very early in the game. 

BLP: What is your current favorite hair trend? 

QQ: Brunette highlights! I’ve done a lot of them lately, and it’s been fun to share with new and prospective clients that highlights don’t have to be blonde. 

BLP: What is a valuable hair tip you want to share with your fellow stylists (whether it’s a business tip or something related to styling/working with hair)? 

QQ: Take the time to learn the basics of working with textured hair. Not every person you encounter will have straight hair, and if you’re a hairstylist, you should be able to shampoo and blow out any head of hair that sits in your chair. 

BLP: What inspires your work? 

QQ: I love helping people see the potential in their hair. Not knowing how to work with your own hair can be frustrating, and when I show my clients how amazing their hair can be, it’s very exciting for both of us. 

BLP: What is something that keeps you passionate and motivated in the industry each day? 

QQ: Knowing that there are so many paths I can take in this career. When I start to feel burned out behind the chair, I’ll go work at fashion shows, photo shoots or events. 

BLP: What changes would you like to see the industry make in order to grow/change/evolve/be better than it was before? 

QQ: I’d like to see an end to people in power manipulating salon assistants and/or baby hairdressers. In this economy, no one can afford to give up half their work week for free, and just because an elder stylist had a hard time earlier in their career doesn’t mean they need to haze the newer hairstylists. 

BLP: What is a career goal you have for yourself?

QQ: Continuing to promote cultural intelligence in the industry. There’s an element of cultural intelligence that goes along with serving clients of different backgrounds to truly be inclusive. It's not just about technical ability.

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