Three Fun Facts Behind the Curls of Stranger Things

Perm rods creating a curly 80s look
Perm rods creating a curly 80s look
Courtesy of Dreamstime

The third season of Stranger Things featured iconic '80s hair looks created by Emmy-nominated stylist and co-department head on set, Katrina Suhrue.

She used Zotos Professional products to create the looks seen in the show. 

On set of Stranger Things:

  • Zotos Professional's Texture EFX perms, which is a cysteamine perm, was used on the set of Stranger Things to achieve the '80s looks for characters including Billy, Nancy and Karen. 
  • Hundreds of extras on set were asked to get a perm! To convince them, the hair department team permed their own hair to show the versatility.
  • Zotos Professional's All About Curls collection was used to style and maintain the curly textures. 

Perm options for your clients:  

  • Body Wavesfor anyone looking for body or to help (as a base) hold hairstyles longer. Use Texture EFX for a smooth finish.
  • Beach Waves—for anyone looking to use fewer thermal tools on their hair or achieve an undone, youthful style. Use Quantum Extra Body.
  • Spot or Partial—for young adults in sports or those looking to change up their style. Use Quantum Firm Options for longevity and curl strength.

How often should your client perm?

  • Getting a perm would depends on the client's hair and lifestyle. It could range from every three months to a year. 
  • For a client who washes their hair every day and has an athletic lifestyle, every three to four months would be recommended.
  • For a client who doesn’t wash every day and uses professional products like All About Curls every six months would be appropriate, depending on the hair type. 
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