Authentic Beauty Concept Launches Updated Refill Bar

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Authentic Beauty Concept has released a new generation of its Refill Bar, a refill system that helps to create a more circular economy and offers many benefits for the environment, customers and salons.

At Authentic Beauty Concept, sustainability is a large part of the company's culture. 

Recycling comes at the very end of a product's lifecycle. Consumers are already adopting various habits, including using reusable water bottles and coffee cups, alongside the rapid popularity of zero-plastic stores and supermarkets. The ever-growing awareness of the issues that single-use plastic poses has never been higher, and that momentum is needed for real change to take place.   

The new Refill Bar is significantly smaller, more compact and easier to use than its previous model.   Abc 2Courtesy of Authentic Beauty Concept

After a consultation, salon clients will receive their prescribed Authentic Beauty Concept product(s) in a 250ml. retail bottle made from 90 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. The bottles also come with Forest Film labels (the first wood-based film label material in the market, certified by ISCC). Once clients have used up the product, they will bring it back to the salon to be refilled and the cycle starts again.

This unique service and retail approach upgrades a salon when it comes to sustainability, while helping clients make more conscious lifestyle choices.

The Authentic Beauty Concept Refill Bar also uses recyclable 5 liter bottles made from 50 percent PCR plastic with reusable pumps and recyclable Forest Film labels. Each 250ml. retail bottle can be reused at least five times, generating a savings of 83 percent less plastic.

"Now more than ever, we must make people aware of the importance of caring for the environment. We must change the way salons work, and the way clients consume single-use products. Many of our clients opt for the Refill Bar because it's new and interesting; they are curious and ask a lot of questions about it! As a salon, it helps us to offer something different and special. It adds value," says Elías Pedrosa, Authentic Beauty Concept advocate, Spain.

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