Consumer Trends in Self-Care and Beauty

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Self-care has taken center stage in how we stay centered, especially with rising anxiety and tensions due to the global pandemic.

Square has released its Future of Beauty Report, revealing that 78 percent of consumers say going back for regular personal care services is important for a sense of normalcy.

“The beauty industry has changed immensely, giving businesses the opportunity to look at their operations and find ways to operate smarter and more efficiently,” says Willem Ave, general manager of Square Appointments. “By creating unique and personalized omnichannel experiences, businesses can sell products and services across a variety of channels to help grow their business.”

Check out the fastest growing personal care trends over the past 12 months:

Top Trending Retail Items

  • Silkening shampoos, 14X growth
  • Hair relaxers, 8X growth
  • Sugar scrubs, 7X growth
  • Melanotech drops, 6X growth
  • Phyto molecular oils, 5X growth

Top booked appointments were:

  1. Haircuts
  2. Hair color treatments
  3. Nail services
  4. Waxing services

View the full report.

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