Comparing Haircut Prices Around the World

01 Hairdo Prices The Cost Of A Haircut In Every Country Countries Chart
Courtesy of NetCredit

A study conducted by NetCredit has compared the current market prices for haircuts around the world.

Some interesting findings from the study:

  • Denmark has the most expensive haircuts in the world, with an average price of $75.20 across genders.
  • Denmark has the most expensive average women’s cut, at $102.20.
  • The most expensive average cut for men is $64.50 in Norway.
  • The biggest gender price difference by proportion is in Nigeria, where a woman must pay 634% of the price of a man’s cut.
  • The biggest gender difference in dollars is in England, where a woman’s haircut costs $58.97 more than a man’s.
  • The cheapest average haircut across genders is $5.24 in Argentina.


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