America's Most Talented Bearded Men

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The second-annual "Most Talented Beard in America" contest by WAHL Professional is underway, with voting now open until October 15, 2021.

Bearded hopefuls from across America previously submitted videos of their talents, and 10 finalists were chosen.

Now, the public vote will help decide the winners:

  • 1stplace selection wins $20,000 and becomes the newly crowned "WAHL Man of the Year"
  • 2nd place wins $10,000
  • 3rd place wins $5,000 

"The goal of this contest is to shine a spotlight on entertainers and achievers who make the world a better, or 'bearder,' place to live," says Steven Yde, division vice president for WAHL. "We were blown away by the excitement the contest generated last year, and the life-changing impact the prizes had on the exemplary men who won. Our hope is to keep the positive momentum rolling, so we're once again calling on the American people to help us name the winners this year."

Top 10 Most Talented Beards in America (in no particular order):

  1. Ben Tajnai from Milwaukee, WI, has graced thousands with his angelic voice, most notably singing the National Anthem for the brew city’s professional sports teams.
  2. John Stessel from Woodbridge, NJ, showcases his magician skills with a number of trick shots and illusions — all in one take.
  3. Lance Allen from Smyrna, TN, amazes as his fingers fly over his guitar and he shares an original Celtic composition.
  4. Art Machuca from Los Angeles is a professional singer and musician who brings his original song to life with his smoky vocals.
  5. Ben Davis Jr. from Chillicothe, OH, is a singer-songwriter whose down-home song is accompanied by his acoustic guitar.
  6. Daniel Shilling from Joplin, MO, proves that bluegrass can be sophisticated with his banjo-playing skills.
  7. Collin Smith from Omaha, NE, is a multitalented marvel whose skills include smooth guitar playing, skateboarding, standing backflips and fire juggling.
  8. Grady Burton from Fairfield, OH, brings his original song to life with his enchanting voice and incredible guitar playing.
  9. Joshua Conway from Marlow, OK, uses his pottery and painting talents to turn clay into beautiful works of art.
  10. Mitchell Donahue from Round Rock, TX, proves that dogs truly are man's best friend while showcasing his dog training talent and frisbee tricks.
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