Halloween How To: Rockabilly Pinup Girl by Lisa Lobosco

Halloween is mere days away, and it's time to get inspired! This rockabilly pinup style, created by New York Streets’ creative director Lisa Lobosco, is perfect for the last-minute client who still hasn't decided on a costume. Check out Lobosco's steps to create the style for your guest (or yourself)!

1. Section off the fringe section of your client's hair into a half-moon from eyebrow to eyebrow and separate and tie up for later. Spray roots with New York Streets Dry Shampoo for extra grip. Brush remaining hair back into a smooth high ponytail. Remember: it doesn't have to be perfect as it will mostly be covered by a headscarf.

2. Spray well with New York Streets Hairspray, and move on to the fringe. Bring down the front section and work the sides of the section to smooth any fly-away's, then smooth the top and the bottom with a round brush. Spray fringe with New York Streets Hairspray and clamp the ends of the fringe section into your iron, spreading the hair the whole length of it. Roll back and upwards all the way up to the roots. Release hair from the iron by clamping and releasing over and over as you slide the iron out.

3. Work a little New York Streets Clay into fringe for hold, and continue to roll hair back and up until the ends are completely tucked under. Use a couple of bobby pins to secure by putting your fingers inside the roll and inserting the pins towards the front. Mold the roll a little if desired by pinching and tugging the outsides outward and up slightly. Next take a scarf and double it over from opposite corners.

4. Wrap the scarf around the back of the head with the corners pointing upward. Tie a neat little bow at an angle and tuck the back point down into the rest of the scarf.

5. Once set, generously spray New York Streets Hairspray over everything for a pinup look that lasts through the entire night!

[Image courtesy of Y Communications] 

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