Farouk Shami’s Birthday Celebration and Honorary Doctorate Presentation

Farouk Shami and his many associates gathered at the CHI Palace to commemorate Farouk’s birthday as well as his most recent accomplishment in receiving an honorary Doctorate of Beauty Arts from Seokyeong University.

Lisa Marie Garcia, Vice President of Shows, Education and Schools, presented Farouk with the honorary certificate, noting that the Doctorate of Beauty Arts recognized his outstanding achievements as well as his invaluable contributions to the academic and cultural development of the global beauty industry.

Farouk Shami, founder and chairman of Farouk Systems, Inc., is a hairdresser first and foremost while remaining committed to advancing the industry for fellow hairdressers through environmentally-safe product innovation. His mission has always been to provide a safe and healthy salon environment with ammonia-free products for his fellow peers. His company has grown into a global beauty empire that focuses on Environment, Education and Ethics.

The all-embracing theme throughout the celebratory event was Farouk’s lifetime commitment as a hairdresser, humanitarian and businessman. He undeniably has made a remarkable impact in the lives of hairdressers worldwide.

[Image courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications]

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