Celebrity Style: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Beyonce Reveal Natural Hair

Preparing to unveil her latest album, ARTPOP, Lady Gaga opened the iTunes Festival in London with an hour-long set of new songs and outfits. However, perhaps the most stunning thing wasn't the seashell bra or the over the top hair. It was the moment she revealed to fans that she had been through "some really tough times" and had used "wigs and make up" to "cover up the pain." According to the BBC, the star shared: "When I didn't feel strong enough to be me, I created someone else. And it worked."

Then the normally eccentric singer surprised the crowd with a first time display. "So here I am, the human underneath the wigs," she said, removing her false coif and the many pins holding her costume-like look together to reveal a shoulder length brunette cut. Though not as flashy as her sky-high seashell encrusted headpiece, Gaga's real tresses appeared soft, shiny, and healthy -- not such a bad secret after all! She isn't the only one after the au naturel look. Recently both Rihanna and Beyonce set the Web on fire with new crops. See the pictures here. »

[Image: Getty Images Entertainment]

After years of long, bleached tresses and a short experiment with gray highlights, Rihanna introduced short curls that emphasized her true beauty.

[Images: Rihanna via Instagram@badgalriri]


Beyonce was the first in the recent storm to unveil a much shorter 'do. The pop icon who has been in the spotlight since a teen and recently entered the realm of motherhood shocked everyone when she posted a picture of herself with a pixie cut. Without the length, Beyonce's crop can be worn sans curling, heat, and other damaging products.

[Images: Beyonce via Instagram@beyonce]

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