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The Royal Wedding was a huge success and everyone looked stunning! The energy on the ground was colossal and cheerful. I took so many photos to share with you – check them out below!


I also reached out to one of my favorite hairstylists, Sherri Jessee from the RUSK Creative Hair Team, to tell us how to recreate Kate and Prince William’s royal hairstyle. See her step-by-step guide below. These are definitely worth trying out for yourself. 


Although the Royal Wedding has concluded, I will be sharing more photos and my thoughts on any post-wedding happenings. 


Nancy O’Dell


Sherri Jessee: How to get Kate’s Hairstyle


Kate looked absolutely amazing with her lace Alexander McQueen gown, subtle Cartier tiara, and cascading curls with a demi-chignon. The French term, demi-chignon is a hairstyle where only half or part of the hair is twisted back and secured. To create this look that will last all day long, it is absolutely essential to begin with the correct products and tools. 


Step 1: To provide maximum body, volume and control, start off by distributing a small amount of a bodifying mousse evenly through the hair and blow dry. 


Step 2: To create amazing body and softer curls, use hot rollers.  The RUSK CTC Professional Hairsetter has 12 velvety soft jumbo 1 1/2" rollers, which allow for maximum root lift, and create gorgeous, soft curls. 


Step 3: Allow the rollers to completely cool before removing them. 


Step 4: Gently shake out and mist with a touchable yet firm holding hairspray like Nancy O'Dell's favorite, RUSK W8less Plus. 


Step 5: A diagonal side part was sliced in as the sides were draped back and secured revealing Kate's gorgeous face.


Sherri Jessee: How to Get Prince William’s Hairstyle


For proper grooming of the groom, RUSK Wired is the go-to product to use to create modern movement and a textured look. 


Step 1: Apply to wet or dry hair for added separation and support. It’s that simple!


You can purchase all of the RUSK products I mentioned in my guide on 




Looks like NBC TODAY Show host Matt Lauer wants to eat his lunch right on camera.

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Talking with NBC TODAY Show hosts, Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira. Love these people!  

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Nancy In Sky Box: In the sky box above Westminster Abbey doing a special Royal Wedding segment for Entertainment Tonight. 

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Three Ladies on Balcony: I had so much fun with the lovely Mary Hart and Jane Seymour. We made such a great Royal Wedding corespondent team.

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Nancy and Meredith: Hanging out with NBC TODAY Show host Meredith Vieira. We just grabbed Matt Lauer's lunch from a hot dog stand.

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Images courtesy of Y Public Relations.  

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