The Sneaky Reason Hair May Be Breaking

Tom Porter, CEO of Malibu C, offers a tip on hair breakage:

How many times have your clients mentioned that their hair is breaking? 
Yes, you and your clients are delighted with your great color work as they walk out of the salon. However, if you do not deliberately stop the oxidation, it will continue for days after the color service.  Shampoo and water cannot stop oxidation. A light brushing of Crystal Gel costs pennies and will ensure that the color will not continue to process. You do not see the hair breakage that your clients are experiencing at home. They tell you, but you think it is "normal" - It is not "normal." Please, stop the breakage with your next color service and get control of oxidation. Make your clients happy with healthier hair. - Tom Porter, CEO, Malibu C


[Image courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates]

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