Alkali Flaunts Bold Color In Photo Shoot

Hair by Jess Rowland. @row_house_hair
Hair by Jess Rowland. @row_house_hair

Hair by Nyki. @nyki_nechi_hairjunkeHair by Nyki. @nyki_nechi_hairjunkeAlkali Beauty unveils its first-ever artistic collection, which was inspired by the earthy, yet vibrant, tones of fall. This year’s theme was selected by artistic director Jess Rowland.

"Myself and the five amazing artists in this collection are from different states all across the country. Some of us are Alkali Beauty Inner Circle, Alkamob, or even Just Alkali product lovers! Based on my awareness of their talent and work, I knew they were the right ones for my vision and that we would pull this together in a cohesive way, as if we were all in the same place at the same time. We created a group chat on Instagram, I explained the fall-inspired theme and we started discussing! It was really amazing to watch us all put our passions into an imagined vision and then bring it to life! This has proved to myself, and many others, that stylists can come together, share ideas and thoughts, and be united without any negative competition. We loved working together and have built friendships and bonds no matter how far apart we are. It truly shows that together we rise! This is the first Alkali Beauty collection, but it is for sure not the last!" - Alkali Beauty Artistic Director Jess Rowland

Alkali Collection Stylists:







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