17 Things All Hairstylists Are Thankful For


With Thanksgiving just a week away, it’s the perfect time to remember why being a hairstylist is the best job in the world.

1. Coffee

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You’re not going to start your day (or this list!) without it.


2. All black everything

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What matches best with black? Black!


3. Not having to be a slave to the 9 to 5 life

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Sure, your feet may hurt after a busy Saturday, but would you trade it for a full day in front of a computer screen? Nah.


4. Two words: dry shampoo

Image: Beauty Launchpad

Let’s be honest, it’s a lifesaver.


5. Never having to pay for a gym membership

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Every day is arm day when you’re a hairstylist. It’s called blow-drying.


6. Clients who understand the process

Image: instagram.com/sassihairbyapril

They know going platinum is about the journey just as much as the destination.


7. A brand new pack of bobby pins

Image: instagram.com/chantalhairartist

Give it a week, they’ll all be missing — along with all your hair ties.


8. Balayage!

Image: instagram.com/toughiegram

Need we say more?


9. Truthful clients

Image: instagram.com/hairnail_california

Because you always know if they’ve box dyed. You always know.


10. Having an excuse to stay in and binge watch Netflix on Fridays

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You have an 8AM on Saturday? Guess you’ll just have to pour another glass of wine and watch another season of Orange is the New Black in your pjs!


11. The ability to entertain yourself at all times

Image: instagram.com/rylinashlee_salon

2016 Election + Thanksgiving dinner = you zoning out and restyling your entire family’s hair in your head.


12. That one client who lets you do whatever you want

Image: instagram.com/andreahairdesign

You feel your creativity kick in the second you see their name in your book.


13. That feeling you get when you finally finish that 8-hour color correction

Image: instagram.com/amandajorenehairstylist

And you nailed it, of course.


14. Giant suitcases so you can bring all your products with you

Image: instagram.com/mizzezbutterfly

Yeah, sorry, "travel-size" isn’t going to cut it.


15. The chance to live your passion every day

Image: instagram.com/kyalicious

What other job would let you play with scissors and color all day?


16. Your Clients

Image: Beauty Launchpad

AKA, your extended family.


17. And, the ability to transform someone — inside and out

Image: instagram.com/curl_up_andd_dye

There’s no better feeling than that!

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