The Tapestry Collection by Di Rosa Haircare



Di Rosa Haircare has been receiving requests for "mermaid hair," deep to royal blue, dusty rose, and of course, “electric orchid." Social Media is bursting with beautiful images mixing multiple hues ranging from muted pure tones to the brightest vivids. There are many color lines popping up that offer a multitude of shades to create any color of the rainbow and create personalized looks to express clients’ individuality. Of course, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Challenge: When creating multi-tonal looks using vivids or pure tones on a blonde canvas, there is a good chance all the colors could bleed on to the already porous blonde hair during the shampoo creating a mess.

Solution: Goldwell Elumen, it’s the only ammonia-free pure-tone we use on blonde/pre-lightened hair. Elumen haircolor has penetration enhancers that allow the color to be magnetically drawn into the hair only where it is placed. After the processing time it will not run off onto the untreated hair, which leaves the design/placement in tact.

The Result: Blondes are shiny, vibrant and super healthy looking…and the blonde stays blonde.




Image 1: Hair/Joseph Fodera Di Rosa Haircare
Image 2: Hair/Karen Niera
Image 3: Hair/Kyle Domenech
Image 4: Hair/Amanda Locastro
Photographer: Greg Swales
Salon: Di Rosa Haircare @dirosahaircare

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