Should Hairstylists Specialize?

Cosmo Prof Artistic Team members share the pros and cons of hairstylists specializing in specific hair colors, cuts and types.
Cosmo Prof Artistic Team members share the pros and cons of hairstylists specializing in specific hair colors, cuts and types.

Should hairstylists specialize in specific hair cuts, colors, textures or styles? 

On the one hand, it's important to be well-rounded and well-versed in many different types of hair styles in order to be able service a variety of different clients. However, by specializing, you can tailor your clientele to the areas you most excel and enjoying working it. 

Both options have their pros and cons, so what is the best decision to make? Below, Cosmo Prof Artistic Team members Jon Carlos De La Cruz (@joncarlosdelacruz) and Presley Poe (@presleypoe) share the advantages and disadvantages to specializing the services you offer your clients. They also share their hot takes on what hair trends they don't want to see make a comeback. 

What are advantages or disadvantages to specializing in specific colors, cuts, or hair types? 

Jon Carlos De La Cruz, Color, Cutting and Style Transformations Expert (JCDLC): I don’t think it’s a “should" but more of a preference. Superstars specialize in curly cuts because it’s what they love. Not only do they love it and are curly cut and style geniuses, but they relate to clients needing a curly hair specialist. Growing up and having to learn how to style your own hair inspires you to be that hero for anyone with the same experiences. 

Presley Poe, Professional Hair Stylist and Color Expert for Cosmo Prof (PP): An advantage to specializing is that you can: build a strong clientele quickly, build a strong brand, have a great and monolithic page presentation. and become famous or even make a ton of money from it Disadvantages to specializing are: You're pigeonholed into doing one thing in the eyes of the public and clients forever. What you specialize in may be in trend for a season raking in the dough, but it will be out of season again, and you will be unprepared for the evolution of the future. People will stop following you on platforms because after a while, they have seen all that they think you're capable of doing and bore from the experience that once excited them because it was in style. You may fall out of popularity. It is harder to remain passionate than to move into complacency when you specialize. We tend to go on autopilot after things become second nature to us. What once made you a ton of money will start dwindling, as clients seek different services outside of your expertise. It's hard to stay in the Growth Zone when you only focus on one thing. You're saying NO to a ton of money from different revenue streams and missing connections with different artistic mediums that will push your artistry.

What haircut or style is coming back that you don’t want to see?

JCDLC: Honestly, I cringed a little when I saw the mullet remaking its debut, but I’m actually loving it now. It’s sooooooo cute! 

PP: At the scalp highlights.

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