Introducing BLP Educator Ashlie Marmo

Ashlie Marmo

Pennsylvania-based Posh Color Studio stylist Ashlie Marmo specializes in lived-in blondes and dimensional brunettes. The Masters of Balayage ambassador has worked in the industry for 16 years and started in high school. “I remember junior year when I was still unsure of what I wanted to pursue the rest of my life,” says Marmo. “I actually became close friends with someone who attended cosmetology school—which blew my mind that you could actually go to school for hair—I had no idea it was a thing.”

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During senior year, the foilyage specialist began her first year of cosmetology school and graduated the year after. “It’s crazy how much has changed over the years,” she says. “Within the last five years, I found my passion doing lived-in color and blonding and feel that natural hair color will remain forever timeless.”

“I think every stylist’s goal is to open a salon one day,” says Marmo. While that goal stays in the back of her mind, Marmo currently focuses on education and teaching her craft. “That’s what is so fun about hair—there are a million ways to achieve the same look.” She believes that learning is the most important part of the industry. “If you really have your heart set on working in this field, you’ll be learning for the rest of your life.”

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