Introducing BLP Educator Monique Hale

Monique Hale

Los Angeles, California native Monique Hale is a wife and mother of two, whose passion is hair and her kids. “I have worked in the beauty industry, specializing in hair extensions for 15 years to help women feel confident and beautiful,” says Extension Bar LA owner Hale. “I proudly create beautiful, natural looking and long lasting extensions.”

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Extension Bar LA is the result of her passionate and dedicated focus to the art of hair extensions. Hale continues to stay relevant and on top of cutting-edge trends and techniques, which allows her to service clients with beautiful looks, while rejuvenating the integrity of their natural hair. “My goals and aspirations are to open multiple locations and be the Starbucks of hair extensions,” she says. “I want to create my own line of hair extensions and products to be accessible to all women. I change women’s lives, one head of extensions at a time.”

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