Introducing BLP Educator Amber Baranzini

Amber Baranzini

San Diego-based stylist Amber Baranzini enrolled in beauty school in 2013. “I didn’t want to go to a regular college,” she says. One year later, a severe car accident left her in a wheelchair, re-learning how to walk and reevaluating her life.

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“I was told I would need to find a different career path, but my dream was to become a successful hairdresser,” says Baranzini. “I didn’t take no for an answer and proved all the doctors wrong, re-enrolled in beauty school in 2016, graduated and became licensed by January the next year.”

The blondes, vivids and color corrections specialist’s future goal is to become an educator. “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher before deciding on beauty school,” she says. “My dreams saved my life and I’ll never give up on them.”

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