Guest Blog: Building a Brand Part 2



I'm back and giving a little more love and insight on victories and discoveries along my path as a stylist and entrepreneur. As I said last time, every day I'm learning and growing.

If your just tuning in, recap, then move forward with these great tips on our journey!

Building Connections
Your circle of influence is important. Picture a rain drop - it creates little ripples of waves. When it starts raining harder, all the ripples begin to connect and mesh within each other. This is where your circle of influence comes into place. Start with your family, friends and colleagues. Ask for help when needed and network with everyone you meet. Create waves, not puddles.

Say Yes… With a Purpose
I've realized that it's amazing being a "YES" person when creating a brand or even starting a career. One thing I have learned from one of my mentors is, "Talk is cheap - it takes money to buy land." So, make sure when it comes to building a successful business relationship that both sides will grow. The focus should reflect the outcome of the business, and make sure your mission is still on track.

On the other side, when you're starting your career, saying yes to any and everything to gain experience and knowledge is a key to success. It's how I got to where I am now - by showing up and working hard. Just be careful what you wish for - you will get it!


Giving Back
Giving back is extremely important. Determine what is close to your heart and make sure that there are organizations in your area that work with what you love, first. Where you live and work is the place that will allow for success or failure. Lend a hand and represent your brand, proud and selfless. It will re-energize you when you're feeling tired and it puts a smile on others' faces - who doesn't want that?

Be Nice
Yeah, we have to go there. It seems simple and self explanatory but you would be surprised. This advice applies not only to the people you "follow," but also to yourself. What does your brand speak on social media? What do you speak on social media? We live in a world where we are fearless to say whatever we are feeling behind the safety of a screen without understanding the consequence of our actions. When you are building a brand, it's important to understand that it's bigger than you and your team. When there are real people who want to spend their hard-earned money on you and your mission, being nice is the only option. Just remember to be genuine.

Be a Rebel With a Beauty Cause
No one will know who you are unless you tell them - unlock the door and let them walk through! Celebrate what makes you and your brand stand out. What makes you different? What do you bring to the scene? Own it and take over your world. With integrity, all your heart, and with passion.


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