Guest Blog: From Dawn to Dusk


Navy hues to fulfill your blues.
The power of the Color Bar in my salon creates the unlimited opportunities for color dreams. I love showcasing our beautiful hues for our guests to dream in color.
This transformation is all about the navy hues.
Start with the canvas and where we want to go. Previous color was used, so, knowing we're working with a more vivid flavor, my favorite technique to set us up for success will be… platinum card.

I feel as colorist at times we are impatient for the outcome and when rushing through the process we can make discoveries. Especially when working with a dark canvas to vivid hues, patience is the way to go.
Starting with the formulation for the platinum card, I played with two different formulas. Formula one was used on the front two segments with 20 volume and SynchoLift Lightner by Paul Mitchell. The second formula was 30 volume in the back to segment panels.
Starting in the front allows the "money shot" to pop the most and give you the brilliant dimension for our guests when they walk past a mirror or when its time to hit up social media. Make your guests selfie-ready!
I processed the platinum card for about 45 minutes, staying close and analyzing the lift.
This navy hue formula was created with Paul Mitchell Professional Color, The Color XG 8A 1AA and Blue Intensivers. We'll call her formula "Midnight Hour," because every girl wants to get dressed and have a good time and with this hue, she'll light up the night.
(1.5OZ 8A- 2 inches 1AA- .75OZ Blue Intensifers)
Styled with the New Marula Oil Styling Collection.
Rare Oil 3-n-1 Styling Cream
Rare Oil Perfecting Hair Spray


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