4 Healthy Hair Tips for Your Clients' Self-Care Routines

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Self-care has become paramount during COVID-19, and the “me-time” routines and practices are expected to continue well after the pandemic has come to an end. Developing healthy and effective self-care habits, specifically for hair care, is something Deena Von Yokes (@deenasavvy), master hairstylist and owner of Studio Savvy, knows all about.

“So much plays into what makes our hair healthy,” Von Yokes states. “Environmental factors, stress, childbirth, malnutrition, menopause, Deena Von YokesDeena Von Yokesillness—the list goes on and on. While it may be hard to change what’s happening in our lives, we do have control over how we care for our hair. Let’s face it, when we look good, we feel good, right?”

Von Yokes shares four simple tips for your clients to practice hair self-care.

1. Trim Regularly

Clients should keep to a schedule for haircuts when salons are back up and running to keep ends fresh and prevent splitting, Von Yokes suggests. “I recommend that my clients pre-book appointments so that it becomes a part of their normal routine.”

Looking for products to suggest to your client's blossoming self-care routine? Von Yokes recommends a daily leave-in conditioner, such as One United by Redkin. Her other product suggestions include Urban Hydrations products for wavy, curly hair, and Unite Intensive Mask Repair for at-home weekly treatments.

2. Don’t Forget the Biotin

Is your client interested in getting beautiful hair from within? Biotin could be a suggestion. Von Yokes advises that it’s best to get biotin from a balanced diet, but a biotin supplement can also work; however, it’s best to consult a doctor before selecting a dosage.

3. Styling Hack: Braids and Buns

Two of Von Yokes’ favorite hairstyling hacks are double French braids and piggy buns. “I love a double French braid where you do two simple braids on each side. This is even ideal straight out of the shower where you leave a little conditioner in your hair to take in added moisture.”

She continues, “Piggy buns are another great idea. I suggest doing this once you get out of the shower as well. Put your hair into two sections, creating two knots on the side of the neck towards the back of the ear. Make two ponytails then wrap them loosely around, putting another band over that. This makes a cute messy bun and tasseled-look that you’ll surely get compliments on all day long!”

Recommend these to clients looking for quick and damage-free styling. Van Yokes suggests using a mask, leave-in conditioner or Olaplex in the hair when implementing these two styles.

4. Sleeping with Wet Hair

Do you have a client asking for tips to achieve a little extra volume and/or texture? Suggest going to bed with wet hair. “After showering in the evening, wrapping your hair in a loose bun helps you wake up in the morning with great volume and texture,” Von Yokes states. She also suggests slightly drying the hair before adding some hair wraps, twist rollers, or sponge rollers, as long as it’s comfortable enough for you to sleep on. If curls need a little extra oop, she recommends a curling serum when the tools are removed in the morning.

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