Support Men's Health This Movember with These Pro Grooming Tips

Image courtesy of The Movember Foundation

Every November, millions of men grow out their facial hair for an entire month to help bring awareness to the unique physical and mental health challenges the male population faces. Spearheaded by The Movember Foundation, a global charity that has raised more than $710 million worldwide for men's health initiatives, Movember focuses on four key areas: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and, most recently, suicide prevention, in order to help men live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Image courtesy of The Movember Foundation

While men may choose to forgo their razors for 30 days to support this important cause, that doesn’t mean they’ll want to forgo style. Mike DeBroeck, a resident barber at Movember & Co. in Los Angeles, CA, has some pro grooming tips to help your male clients support men’s health — and look good doing it. Share DeBroeck’s mustache pointers with your clients for a dapper Movember!

How To Groom Your Mustache (While Supporting Men's Health):

  • To start, just grow it. Don’t cut, trim or shave the area as you need to let it come into itself before you can style a mustache.
  • Don’t overdo it with mustache wax or oil — you only need to use a very little amount. Sometimes you just have to let it be.
  • Everybody has a different grow rate. However, the golden rule is once the hair hits the pink of your lip, that’s when you can start to style it.
  • It’s ok to play with it. You can train your mustache hair to grow in the direction you wish. The best place to do this is in the shower as the hot water loosens certain compounds in your hair and it makes it easier to manipulate.
  • When your mustache gets a little longer, use a saw tooth comb as it’s smoother on your hair follicles. You have to treat your mustache with respect.
  • You just need to own your mustache, whatever style it is. It’s well-known that the mustache chooses the man, not the other way around. Therefore you should always respect a mustache.

Image courtesy of The Movember Foundation

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