3 Halloween Hair Ideas from "American Horror Story" Stylist Kelly Muldoon

For some, Halloween costumes are all about the clothes (or lack thereof), but any beauty pro knows that it's the hair that truly completes the look. With this in mind, Kelly Muldoon, stylist for FX's American Horror Story, created three simple but statement-making hairstyles to take your client's (or your own!) Halloween look to the next level.

Image: FX

Misty Day, American Horror Story: Coven
Channel the mystical, nature-loving witch with slightly disheveled, boho waves.

Get the Look:
1. Begin by sectioning the hair into 4 parts
2. Starting at the back of the head, take a 1-inch section. Spray gel onto the fingers and work through the first 1-inch section.
3. Holding the 1-inch barrel of the T3 Whirl Trio on a slant, and starting two inches away from the root, wrap the hair around the barrel. Hold for 5 seconds, remove and then pin curl to head.
4. Repeat previous step until all 4 sections are complete.
5. Keep all hair clipped in place for 5 minutes, then take all pins out and let the curls fall.
6. Run fingers through hair until curl drops a bit.
7. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.
Expert tip: “The trick to making a curl last all night is to clip it while it’s still hot!”



Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Embrace your inner icon with the pearls, sunglasses and an elegant updo.

Get the Look:
1. Begin by spraying a setting gel lightly over dry hair.
2. Section hair into 5 parts (one on each side, one in front, one on top, and one in the back).
3. Wrap hair tightly in T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers. Let cool for 10 minutes.
4. While taking out each section, back-brush the hair and leave it teased out. Lightly spritz with hairspray.
5. Take the back section, smooth over and twist up at the back of the head. Add hairpins as you twist.
6. Once the twist reaches the top of the head, leave the rest of the hair out.
7. Next, take the left section, smooth out top layer and secure with bobby pins next to the twist. Repeat with the right side.
8. Make it your own - play around with the hair at the top of the head until you achieve a style you like. Once you love it, secure with a few more bobby pins.

Before Image: HBO

Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones
Become the "Mother of Dragons" this Halloween with these fierce braids.

Get the Look:
1. Begin by creating a middle part.
2. Starting with the top right side of the head, take a triangle section and begin braiding, while taking sections of hair under as you go for an exposed braid. Stop once you get to the middle of the back of the head and tie hair off.
3. Move to the other side of the head and create another exposed braid to meet the other one on the back of the head. Once they meet, tie together.
4. Repeat these steps for the second braided section underneath.
5. Wrap the 2 braids from the second braided section together, over the pony from the first braided section.
6. Next, pull a few wisps out at the front. Using the T3 1.25” Twirl Convertible Curling iron, wrap bottom sections around iron and create several curls.
7. Finish with hairspray.


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