How to Improve A Selfie


By Giuseppina Ferrarelli of De La Mer Salon

Today, it’s all about capturing the best Selfie to get noticed and increase views, likes, reach and even confidence! So why not help guests take their best selfie yet! Change their look to evolve with the seasons and influence their style. Giuseppina Ferrarelli, stylist at De La Mer Salon, gives a how to for a client that now rocks her selfie!

“This guest came in and explained she was bored but nervous to change. So, we decided to take up her length giving her a undone, but chic haircut and brought her color closer to her natural tone with depth and shine,” says Ferrarelli

Color: Goldwell Topchic 5N equal 5NA equal 5GB pull thru roots to ends with 10 volume last 20 minutes of processing.

Glaze: Goldwell Colorance 5NA 20mls 5BG 10mls mixed with Goldwell Colorance Lotion 60 mls.


  1. Take central vertical parting down the center of the head from crown to the nape.
  2. From the top of the head, take radial ear-to-ear sections.


  1. Starting at the nape and take diagonal forward partings all around the head.
  2. Use zero elevation and the distribution will be a natural fall keeping it over directed.
  3. When cutting, take parallel to the part in the comb.

A little tilt of the head with the camera shooting down and voila, the perfect selfie! Try to look natural and just strike a pose!

[Images courtesy of Glow Communications]

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