5 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Summer Damage

Sun Hair

The “fun in the sun” season can cause great stress and damage to our hair from the exposure to the sun’s rays, salt water and chlorine. Ricky Pennisi, leading stylist, specialist in curly hair and founder of RI CI, shares his go-to five tips to protect your hair this summer. 

Tip 1: Dry, frizzy hair won’t hold a curl or style, and can even take longer to dry. Prevent dry hair by using sulfate-free shampoo and conditions like the RI CI Splash and Drench. Many shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which can strip the hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and frizzy.
Tip 2: Invest in a great conditioner, like the RI CI Drench which can be used as a leave-in conditioner when added to a water in a spray bottle. This step seals your hair’s moisture. The bottle is also great to bring with you to the pool and beach to give your hair that extra bit of love.
Tip 3: Eliminate the heat. Heat causes your hair cuticle to split open, which creates frizz. If you must blow dry or use a diffusor, set it to a medium setting. It might take a little longer, but it’s better for your hair.
Tip 4: Always apply your styling products immediately after you wash your hair. Once hair starts to dry without products, frizz begins to set in.
Tip 5: It is important to touch your hair as little as possible while wet. Over manipulation of wet hair that’s curly or naturally wavy will lead to frizz. Once your hair is completely dry, feel free to manipulate your hair freely.

[Images: Getty Images; RI CI]

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