[VIDEO] Beating Burnout Behind The Chair

Olivia Thompson from OMG Artistry and Katie Anderson from Beauty Launchpad
Olivia Thompson from OMG Artistry and Katie Anderson from Beauty Launchpad

Burnout for stylists behind the chair is a major concern, and that concern is growing. When it comes to stylist longevity, long hours behind the chair without caring for one's personal comfort both physically and mentally can lead to disaster in the long run. That's why we partnered with Smart Step Wellness Mats and went to well-known stylist and educator Olivia Thompson, founder of OMG Artistry, to find out how we can make our time behind the chair so much more comfortable and our career so much longer

In this exclusive video interview with Thompson, she talks about how she does an audit of her tasks every six months to determine what she loves and hates and looks at ways to offload the items she hates. She also shares tips on her dress code, how she uses time-blocking and even elements of her environment that bring comfort to her services every single day.

If you feel yourself heading to burnout behind the chair, or even if you just want to avoid it, you have to watch this video. Take care of yourself, and let's beat burnout together!


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