Get the Look: Amanda Seyfried's Tony Awards Hairstyle


Celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora gave Amanda Seyfried a timeless, classic style inspired by Grace Kelly for the 2015 Tony Awards in New York City. Below, Renato shares the steps he took to create the gorgeous look.

Get the Look:

  1. Says Renato, "I applied MATRIX Biolage Blow-In-Control Shape Memory Cream to Amanda’s damp hair to add body and conditioning.
  2. "Lightly spray hair with MATRIX StyleLink Turbo Dryer Blow Dry Spray while hair is still damp. This will help tame frizz and expedite the blow-drying process. Blow-dry wet hair until it is about 80% dry.
  3. "Use a round brush to loosely curl the hair, then flat-iron the top of the hair to create sleek look for the chignon.
  4. "Brush all of the hair and, towards the ends, apply MATRIX StyleLink Super Fixer Strong Hold Gel to give it texture for a firm hold in her chignon.
  5. "Pull all of the hair back and fasten the hair with a hair band at the base of her neck. Apply MATRIX StyleLink Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray to the pony part of her hair to add in more texture.
  6. "Wrap the hair into a chignon. Twist each section piece by piece to get the perfect dimension of a bun. Add pins to secure the bun in place.
  7. "Finish the look with a few sprays of Matrix StyleLink Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray."

[Image: Getty Images/Walter McBride]

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