Wellness Spotlight: Q&A With Simples Tonics Founder Traci Donat


For centuries, plants have been cultivated for their medicinal and beauty benefits. Traci Donat had been brewing a variety of nutritious tonics for friends and family for years, when a light bulb came on and she decided to start Simples, a line of hand-prepared, concentrated plant tonics made with nourishing herbs. Her line currently offers eight different tonics that utilize some of the most nutrient-dense and healing plants as a simple and easy way to support optimal health and personal well-being. From Rose to Dandelion Root, these natural tonics are a healthy alternative to sugary sodas, coffee and energy drinks, and make for a great treat to serve clients in the salon.

"Herbalism has been a lifelong passion for me," says founder Traci Donat. "I have been studying and brewing for decades, but it's only just now after a career as a founder of an advertising agency and then years raising an amazing daughter that I am making a career of it. I feel that this is my life's work; I have dreamed for many years of introducing these amazing plants and tonics to a wider audience and launching Simples is the realization of that dream." Read on to learn more about her special line of tonics, their amazing beauty benefits, and her brand-new store.

LAUNCHPAD: When did Simples launch?

We are just launching Simples now, so we are brand-new on the market. Our grand opening date is September 30, 2017!

LAUNCHPAD: What inspired the creation of Simples?

I have been brewing Simples for myself, friends and family for many years, and have seen first-hand the amazing benefits that people receive from this level of deep nourishment. Drinking these tonics consistently creates an incredible feeling of vitality and well-being. They truly are a gift. I have wanted to open this shop for many years so I could share these amazing plants and tonics with a larger audience.

LAUNCHPAD: What does Simples mean?

We call these offerings by their traditional name Simples. which means using a single plant or herb in a medicinal way. We have found that when beginning to explore the world of plant medicine, it's best to start with them one at a time, allowing the opportunity to really get to know the plant and its benefits.

Where are the tonics available for purchase?

We sell our tonics at the Simples shop in Santa Monica, California, where we brew them fresh daily.


LAUNCHPAD: What are the benefits of consuming tonics and how often do you recommend taking them? Are there any specific beauty benefits for hair?

The benefits of drinking Simples tonics are many. Each one of our tonics delivers a powerhouse of bioavailable nutrition and are packed with vitamins and minerals. When the body is properly nourished, it functions optimally; elimination and detoxification improve, and energy, stamina and mood improve. We recommend drinking them daily for maximum benefit. And while all of the tonics can improve the quality of skin and hair just by the amount of pure nutrition, I would recommend Nettle specifically for hair. It has a long history of combating hair loss and actually promoting hair growth—this is in part due to its high concentration of iron and silica. It is also known to maintain hair color; you can also use the tonic as a topical hair rinse and you will be gifted with glossy, shiny hair.

LAUNCHPAD: What's your favorite tonic from the line?

I don't have a favorite tonic, I have favorite tonics in the moment. It really depends on what I'm needing at any given time. I have selected these eight because they are eight of my favorites that really cover all the bases. But I will tell you that this week, I am drinking a lot of Burdock. Burdock is incredibly rich in minerals and is a great detoxifier, cleaning the blood, liver and bowel, and although it's considered a bitter, it has a taste I find sweet.

LAUNCHPAD: Any unique tips or tricks for drinking tonics?

Any traditional folk herbalist would probably scold me for saying this, but there are a few that lend themselves to fabulous cocktails. Schisandra with gin, Rose with vodka or tequila. I'm not recommending that, but since you ask, I know it can be done. Personally, I like mine straight out of the bottle. Simple!

LAUNCHPAD: Any future plans for the brand?

We are opening our first shop and so far, we have had an amazing response. People are really enjoying and embracing these tonics. I hope to grow and open more stores down the road. My ultimate goal is to get this nourishment to as many people as possible. My life has been transformed and I'm really excited to be able to share it.

Prices range from $7 for a 16 oz drink to $15 for 32 oz. For more information or to purchase, visit simplestonics.com. 

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