This Skincare Secret is Good in Bed

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Babor has been a pioneer in the professional skincare industry since 1956 and today they continue the quest to deliver results with precision research and formulas. In the 1950’s Babor invented the ampoule, just one example that demonstrates Babor’s history of innovation in the skincare industry. I recently caught up with the Babor team to talk about their latest skincare developments.

After arriving at the glamorous Hotel Bel Air on a sunny October morning, I joined the Babor team in their suite to learn about their latest ampoule. As I sipped on my coffee (caffeine to kickstart the day), I chatted with the team about what is good in bed. What exactly is good in bed? There is no need to be embarrassed, as this conversation was quite PG. The answer is sleep! Supporting your skin during the night is crucial to keeping it looking radiant and healthy and Babor’s newest product, Active Night Fluid, is formulated to help boost your beauty sleep. The product contains active ingredients black algae, black truffle and black willow. The formula helps regenerate the dermis, strengthen natural collagen production and increase cell turnover. Babor Regional Educator, Andrea, shares the details:

Babor’s Ben Simpson provides an Ampoule 101 to get you up to speed on the basics of ampoules:

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