5 Things Girls with Perfect Skin Always Do


Ever see a woman with flawless skin and wonder how that’s possible? Nearly every client walks in for their facial or makeup application feeling that way. Some are blessed with great skin thanks to genetics, but most have to work for it every single day! To help clear things up, Lori Leib, Creative Director of Bodyography Cosmetics and professional makeup artist, is sharing her five insider tips on how to achieve drop dead gorgeous skin.

1. Free the Blemish
Says Leib, "Any girl with flawless skin will tell you she does NOT pick or pop blemishes. My advice would be to wash your skin with a gentle oil controlling cleanser like BodyographySKIN Daily Cleanser, which contains willow bark for oil control, and leave the zit alone! A pimple for 2 days is better than a scar for life!"

2. Sunscreen and Makeup Make Quite the Pair
According to Leib, "Sun doesn’t have to be the enemy when trying to obtain perfect skin! To get a little vita-min D and a natural glow to your skin, make sure to wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF like Sun Defense from Bodyography. This mineral tinted moisturizer will protect your skin from the elements and give you a lust worthy glowing complexion."

3. Exfoliate, Hydrate, Moisturize, Repeat!
"We all have skin, some of us may even have perfect skin - buried deep below the surface of un-exfoliated skin, that is," says Leib. "Recommend [that] your clients treat themselves to an at-home facial one to three times per week and scrub that dead skin right off. Chances are there will be beautiful, soft skin underneath. Once you’re exfoliated, be sure to hydrate and moisturize. Try a combo of BodyographySKIN Microdermabrasion Scrub, Hydrating Mask (it’s delicious) and AM/PM Moisturizer - you’re welcome in advance."

4. Bare-Faced and Beautiful
Says Leib, "Perfect-skinned girls all around the world will tell you, give your skin a break! Some makeup can clog your pores and throw off the PH balance of your skin, so it’s nice to just put the products down and give your face the freedom to go naked! If this isn’t your cup of tea, use a mineral based concealer like Skin Perfecter. It won’t clog your pores and it’s good for your skin because it’s infused with vitamins. Use it to cover up the necessary spots (under eyes and blemishes) so you’ll look refreshed and glowing."

5. Highlight. The End.
"Take a look at a girl with flawless skin and ask yourself, is her skin dull, matte or lack luster? I think not," explains Leib. "Chances are, her skin is moist, dewy and super highlighted. A trick of many, highlighting is not only super flattering, but brings out your inner goddess and makes you look youthful and healthy. I love Radiance Boost by Bodyography because it acts like a super food for your skin. It’s an avocado-infused, water-based universal high-lighter that makes you seriously glow. By adding a touch of this to your cheekbones and down the center of your nose, you will glow from a mile away! Expert Tip: Even if you have a blemish the size of mars on your chin, if you highlight your cheekbones, no one will notice."

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