STMNT Launches New Products

Stmnt Care Cleansing Bar 1500x1500 (1)

Stmnt Care Beard Oil 1500x1500 (1)The brainchild of three acclaimed barbers: Julius Arriola aka Julius Cvesar, Sofie Pok aka Staygold and Miguel Gutierrez aka The Nomad Barber, STMNT was launched. 

STMNT was developed to care for all hair and beard types. High-performance formulas have been infused with activated charcoal and invigorating menthol. This collection can easily be added into a daily routine and it compliments the STMNT styling collections.

STMNT Collection:

STMNT Beard Oil, made from natural oils including CBD, keeps all beard types soft, moisturized, tamed and well-groomed, giving it a natural, healthy shine.

STMNT All-in-One Cleanser, the daily ‘clean everything’ cleanser for hair, beards, body, face, and hands, removes impurities, utilizing activated charcoal and invigorating menthol.

STMNT Shampoo, the daily cleansing shampoo that creates a clean slate for cutting and styling.

STMNT Conditioner, restores shine and softens the hair, preparing it for cutting and styling.

STMNT Hair & Body Cleansing Bar, a multipurpose cleansing bar that can be used on hair, face, body and hands. 

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