Paul Mitchell Unveils Hair and Scalp Analysis Tool: Hair AI powered by FitSkin

Hair Ai Home Screen 3 Rgb

John Paul Mitchell Systems has launched a new innovation in personalized haircare: Hair AI powered by FitSkin. Hair AI is a professional-use analysis tool that will take consultations to the next level.

This game-changing technology provides an in-depth look at the client’s scalp condition and hair growth. This technology turns your iPhone into a hair and scalp diagnostic tool.

How It Works:

  • Kick off the consultation and get to know your guest with the Hair AI quiz.
  • Pair your Hair AI scanner with your iPhone and use it to analyze your guest’s hair and scalp.
  • Instantly receive an in-depth look at your guest’s hair health and scalp condition, plus professional treatment and take-home product recommendations that can easily be shared by email or text.
  • Track your guests' results over time to show them their progress or to suggest a shift in their hair care regimen.

Hair AI will be available for a limited release to select Paul Mitchell salons on November 16, 2020. Starting January 2021, all salons and stylists can receive a Hair AI device with purchase of any new user Care and Styling Kit. 

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